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Deliberations and regulatory acts

Obligation to publish deliberations

Taken pursuant to the commitment and proximity law of December 27, 2019, the order of October 7, 2021 will come into force on July 1, 2022. The order reforming the rules for the publication and preservation of orders and deliberations taken by local authorities and their groups.

Citizens must access the decrees and deliberations of local authorities via the Internet.

Completion of formalities for the publication of orders and deliberations of local authorities has been modernized. The publication of the decrees and deliberations of the local authorities on their website becomes an obligation. The obligation to display or publish on paper the orders and deliberations of local authorities is abolished. The smallest local authorities (municipalities of less than 3,500 inhabitants, syndicates of municipalities and “closed” mixed syndicates) will however be able to choose the method of publication of their decrees and deliberations: display or publication on paper or publication on the internet.

The principle of dematerialized publication of local decrees and deliberations is accompanied by the obligation for local authorities to communicate them on paper to any citizen who so requests. This is to allow people who do not have the internet or do not master it well to be able to stay informed.

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